ElectriFI Manager

Early May 2017, Dominiek Deconinck joined the team in the position of ElectriFI manager. Dominiek brings a wealth of experience stemming from over 18 years of impact investments both in the sector of financial inclusion in emerging and developing countries ...Read more

NextGen receives Development Financing from ElectriFI

28 March 2017, Brussels/Dar es Salaam The Project NextGen Solawazi is set up to develop, construct, operate and maintain a 5MW solar photovoltaic (PV) power plant as an Independent Power Producer under the Small Power Producer Program in Tanzania. The solar plant ...Read more

Call for Proposals closed

"ElectriFI received 155 applications during its second Call for Investment Proposals (closed on 8 March 2017) of which 37 projects have been invited by our selection panel to proceed to the next phase. The selected projects might benefit from direct ...Read more

How To Support Early-Stage Project Development?

ElectriFI presented Thursday 16 February at the Roundtable on ‘How To Support Early-Stage Project Development?’, organised by the Belgian Federal Ministry of Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development, and the Africa-EU Renewable Energy Cooperation Programme (RECP). Pre-construction stage funding is crucial in ...Read more

Sigora Haiti raises $ 2.5 million from ElectriFI

February 14, 2017 - Port-au-Prince, Haiti - Sigora Haiti S.A., the clean energy micro-utility owned by San Francisco-based Sigora International Inc., announced today a US$2.5 million investment from the Electrification Financing Initiative (ElectriFI), the European Commission's Electrification Financing Initiative backed ...Read more

Call for Investment Proposals: Application form now accessible

The online application form is now accessible! The Electrification Financing Initiative is looking forward to collaborate with outstanding parties in creating new connections to renewable energy in challenging markets. Please read carefully our investment criteria and guidelines to determine eligibility. The call will ...Read more

Trade and private sector development (TPSD) seminar

Showcasing the value of mainstreaming the private sector development and engagement (PSDE) approach to attain goals in specific development areas. Include gender as a whole subject of mainstreaming and other cross-cutting (digital, pro-poor approach ...) - presentation by Frederik van ...Read more

Results of Round 1

ElectriFI received 290 applications during its first Invitation for Proposals which was open from 15 April 2016 until 6 May 2016. 19 projects have received approval by our selection panel to proceed from Phase 1 to Phase 2, in which ...Read more